Joint Integrity

Joint integrity - minimum leaks and maximum efficiency, consists of two key elements: the task and the management control process.

  • The task element relies on trained competent operators/technicians assembling and tightening joints to the correct procedures, load and with the correct equipment
  • The management control process requires collection and storage of vital information identified before each work stage.

Leaks delay production start-up, cause unplanned shutdowns, and always impact budgets negatively.

They are unacceptable and can be avoided.

This is how much leaks could cost you:

  • 3” 1500 lb gas line shut down due to insufficient service bolt load: Lost production cost $2.25m
  • 16” 300 lb Valve tightened using untrained operators, subsequently catching fire: Lost production value $1.68m
  • 4” 150 lb seawater flange critically overlooked causing a power generator set to shut down: Lost production cost $6m
  • Multi-asset operator evaluated the average cost of all their leaks at $100k per leak
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Hydratight apply a balance of criticality rating against the required control methods to find the optimum solution for each and every bolted joint onsite, then adding detailed traceable calculations applying a known bolt load using controlled tightening techniques to deliver a joint you can be confident in.

The data collected on site can then be captured within a management system tailored to the asset and project type giving full cradle-to-grave lifecycle traceability of every interaction with the joints in question. Advanced reporting suites then give asset owners and staff access to data at the click of a button.

As the asset ages and the volume of data increases, trends can be analysed and should a fault or failure occur then decisions can be made from an informed position as the entire history of the joint is available for review.

When all of this is bound together with quality tooling and trained and competent personnel with skilled technical backup you have a Joint Integrity system.